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  • Episode Name: Series 6, Episode 1
  • Air date: 7/9/2013
  • Summary: Holly and James struggle to put their differences aside as the gang arrives in Australia to party along Sydney’s glamorous shores

To lighten the mood, Anna announced that the Geordie Shore crew were being sent to the French Alps. The boys and girls started packing, but the mood of the group was strangely downbeat, still mourning Charlotte’s departure. On arrival at the mountains, the girls shot-gunned the best rooms, as Sophie revealed to camera (but not the rest of the crew) that she had secretly invited Joel to fly out, and that he would be arriving the next day.


As the group got ready for their first night out, Gaz admitted that it didn’t feel the same without Charlotte, and was not looking forward to the rest of the trip at all. Dan and Scott were less than sympathetic, failing to see why Gary couldn’t be happy that he was free to go on the pull – apparently what he wanted in the first place!

The first night in the Alps continued in typical Geordie fashion, and the girls ended up mortal. Vicky was still enjoying her time apart from Ricky, drunkenly downing drink after drink. Scott and Holly engaged in a bit of harmless banter, but it essentially came to nothing as Holly just got too drunk and ended up being kicked out of bed. Despite the state of the group, they headed out to the slopes for a day of skiing, and Scott managed to convince Holly to give it a go.

None of the girls can ski whatsoever, and Vicky, who was still drunk, spent most of the day shouting at fellow skiers to “MOVE OUT THE WAY!” The boys fared slightly better, but at the end of a long day, the group were only interested in one thing: The après ski. Just as the group settled in to their post-slope shandies, Joel turned up, to everyone’s annoyance. In a random twist of events, Anna then called up and sent the boys, plus Joel, out to work. Gaz, Dan and Scott hatched a devious plan to get him completely and utterly wasted, but by the end of the night, the only one who couldn't hold his drink was poor old Dan.